A doctor has ten years of school, and ten years of field experience, and leads a team of professionals. In terms of its impact on the industry, the iPhone is less relevant.". You will keep getting job alerts on a daily basis. This. In both older students and alumni warned that you should get out of tech jobs and move into management within 10 years after graduation. Surely no one thought the 40 hour week was born out of some silly concern over the welfare of the workers! You might hear loud clanking from under the hood, see. I'm almost 54. Even Mechanical Engineering students are trained in CAD/CAM. Software engineers must have a strong background in computer programming. Apply for our Software Engineering Career Track, where you can become a web developer in as a little as 9 months with a job guarantee and deferred tuition. Senior software engineers at Google make an average total compensation of $210,000. In ten year times it will be cheaper to hire a bunch of us old farts instead of one of those young bright sparks. The knowledge of what errors people usually make and why they make them. Technical writing since 1992. Good devs shouldn't stop coding unless they are bored with it. They had profits (not revenue, profit) in the BILLIONs of dollars this year, and turned around and on top of all the benefit cuts they also gave no raises to many people. Software engineering is a flexible career path, too. The salary is good – $95,000 a year on average, in the United States. Market mechanisms mean these young whippersnappers will ask for more money, but the product they deliver will not necessarily be more valuable. Anecdotal evidence suggests few Google or Microsoft developers stick around so long, which says a lot. Current expertise: Objective-C (OS X and iOS), C++, and picking up Qt and Ruby. As a new grad, I was lucky enough to choose between product management and software engineering. I love you.Welcome to Costco. It was wrong ... by 19 years. Take part in an internship while at college. How to Become a Software Engineering. Titles don't matter much, and unless you're applying to a big company that has a square hole for you to insert yo. It’s not easy work, but it’s rewarding and pays handsomely. They just all happen to be at the executive level. But they code just as much as I do. Between JEE servlets and JSPs, ASP.Net, and the various Apache libraries, I've never had to touch a line of PHP code in my life. There is life after code. Wait for your full vest and you'll look like a lamer while your pals are rolling in trajectory goodness. The opposite of hardware, software is any coded program that controls computer functions. Worse, they farm out the work. Of course someone like Zuckerberg prefers kids that don't have a life, will put up with any crap their fed by the boss, and won't contradict management. I'm in Boston right now, and I could find a job in heartbeat if I needed too (I'm 38, mostly high end sys admin stuff.) If they want a newbie that knows a lot of abstract book-learnin and bangs his head against the wall for a week on a problem that I can solve in 10 minutes let them continue the illusion that they are saving money. You already make a decent amount of money as a programmer use it to invest in some other things like rental properties or stocks. I am sure doctors are pretty dead end too...I guess unless you can hedge fund your way to making billions by exploiting millions... you are in a dead end career. Finding a management job elsewhere with nothing but senior level programmer/analyst roles hasn't been very successful so far either. In this modern world, everyone should expect to have to re-train and do something else at some point in their lives. I have degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, with professional experience in building systems design with an emphasis on developing automated tools for processes. Then the language of the week might be for you, but those working on stuff that really lasts at least from what i have seen are always working in one of the mature languages. Software engineering is a technical STEM field that’s focused on developing computer products. I started programming in the mid '70's. My dad spent many years as a mechanical engineer, so I figured engineering would be a good, stable career to look into. Guess what? Many managers (like me) are promoted from the ranks. Previously I was in Huntsville, AL and I could have found something pretty quickly there too I think. Languages only get easier to learn; The more you know, the more wierd something has to be to have not 'seen that syntax before'. Management is supposed to be a small subset of the workforce. Additionally, in both those examples the cost of the individual is relatively small compared to the value of the project. 25%, to be exact. Facebook is doing the exact same thing as every other large tech company: Microsoft, Google, Oracle, etc. Why is Roblox dangerous for children. Software companies should put careful deliberation into their engineering job levels, and make available a job ladder explaining what is expected of employees, the distinction between roles, and areas for career … In fact, I feel Software Testing is really a good career option. What do you do with everyone who doesn't get a job in management then? Junior Software Engineer. I don't get how this is supposed to be news. And someone who is an "expert" has, hopefully, seen enough mistakes and errors over those 10,000 hours to be able to head them off when they show up again. "old" programmers are very much in demand. Here's a radical idea: why does all of that money have to be made for shareholders? Essentially, it involves creating and putting a number of building blocks together to create a working application. An anonymous reader sends this quote from an opinion piece at Bloomberg: This discussion has been archived. The U.S. ranked 11th. Field Engineer is fully automated; it only takes a few minutes to set the skill set and upload your credentials. It has nothing to do with being a programmer or not. Careful there: it is 10,000 of TRAINING. That's the way of the dinosaur. The link will open in a new tab so that you can come back to this page to continue reading about the career: Top 3 Software Developer Jobs. What jobs can you do at home with no experience? Which leaves the senior programmers on the short end of the stick. But I don’t see this industry shrinking any time soon. It isn't too bad when you can work your bill rate up high enough to work 6-8mos a year, and be able to easily afford to take the rest of the year off....it can be done,and they're plenty of IT folks out there doing it. The 'grown up' skills like being able to conduct yourself nicely in meetings, work with actual end users and not be a condescending prat, and be able to see the big picture of why someone is doing something are quite marketable. Why software QA is a good career choice and how to get there. I've worked in organizations with 1:10 manager:dev ratio, sometimes higher. Making money. Having a natural curiosity for how things work, and how to make them work better, is a good indication of a nascent software developer. GP wasn't saying nobody has a software career for 15 years. You got: Software Developer Isn’t a Good Career Choice. Kindra Cooper is a content writer at Springboard. Java? If it's false, it's false. New languages and … It's actually quite simple, think about the only other major activity in which a total lack of experience is considered a plus... And for the exact same reason, because they are too inexperienced to know how badly you are fucking them. A good friend of mine said, “You should get into software engineering before software engineering replaces you.” There’s always something that a human brain can do that computers just can’t, and vice versa. Back in Louisiana, I was pretty much screwed. I started at 30 during dot-com, am well into my 40's now and feel like my opportunities are only beginning. The opposite of hardware, software is any coded program that controls computer functions. Trademarks property of their respective owners. Do starfish have teeth? Question: What Are The 4 Types Of Stages? If you strive and don’t really care about computers all that much, then software engineering will not be a good choice, because in order to be good, you need to spend countless, countless hours refining your craft, keeping up with the industry at large, getting to know every single little detail you should know to do your work properly. But if you’re a software engineer who’d rather not spend the time and effort to beef up your data skills, rest assured that your career path can still be a solid one. Kindra Cooper. These managers did no coding whatsoever (some barely understood what we were doing), and spent their time inventing metrics, discussing/presenting these metrics, and making sure devs did the absolute minimum required to satisfy the customer because all they ever looked at were those metrics. What are those Bloomberg assholes smoking? Because we used to have to write the code the frameworks implement by hand. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to find success in your job search: Prepare a technical resume The resume is the first thing hiring managers see. I really think there's a lot of play in where you are located too. Software Engineering Is a Dead-End Career, Says Bloomberg, their employability starts to decline at about age 35, Study Shows Programmers Get Better With Age, Your Tech Skills Have a Two Year Half-Life. My salary is 4x what I made 10 years ago and I am seeing tsunamis of opportunity. Hey, I'm 56.... started coding in the 70s. Experience and insight in what I do gets me higher up the ladder every time for the last 25 years. It depends on the person's overall goal. This is an excellent way to find out what the job involves and gain some real-life experience. Instead, I figure out what security issues others created in their code, without even having the source code in front of me. This is 100% by-design. Career Path. And whatever Zuckerberg says can probably be ignored, because you just know he's the type that, when he's getting on a bit, will be saying that age and experience are what counts. Ultimately, IMO they have just cut all the reasons for anyone to remain at the company. There are 30.000 in the age-group of 20-25. A software engineer career path usually starts at the graduate level. I studied Electrical Engineering (specialization in Computer Engineering, granted, but digital design, hardware, not software), got a Master's Degree, and then went and got a job writing software - for 12 years. She has worked as a journalist and content marketer in the US and Indonesia, covering everything from business and architecture to politics and the arts. I talked to a lot of people in both roles at different companies before ultimately joining the APM program at Google, which was a phenomenal experience. So you have to run your entire life around your work. If I hire someone who wants his wages based on his years of experience, I'm going to hire someone who brings something worth those wages to the table. Really explains a lot about Facebook as well, actually! It is amazing really...how often, how companies will grind their W2's (young ones) into the ground, for nothing, willingly lose them, but pay a major premium for a contractor to come in and do the same thing or fix things, etc. Question: How Do You Know If Your Laptop Died? Still, senior developers can find work. That said, as to the over/under predicament, it seems like there are very few "entry level" positions advertised. Their average starting salary is $63,620. Engineering is a very flexible field and it can be applied in many ways. I am not so sure programmers starting today will face quite the same challenges having grown up in the midst of the technology revolution. Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build and test various devices. But if you are very much interested in software/IT field you can additionally study software subjects and prepare yourself to attend placement interviews conducted by software … Once you have your degree, use job boards, networking, and your college’s career services to find a job as a software engineer. Software Testing careers can be defined as the efforts that involve in making a product bug-free, matching the given functional requirements, ensuring logical efficiency coverage, by a series of verification and validation processes. You need to be in the places that have the right combination of jobs and people. Why, because these industries value consistency, tradition and the like. It's management by locusts. This "Bloomberg View" page the online equivalent of the editorial page -- although I think a lot of news Web sites could do a lot better job of identifying independent opinion vs. news, this. -- Yugoslav proverb. The average annual salary for a software engineer is between £25,000 and £50,000. They don’t spend money randomly and emotional shopping is hardly a thing for them. Also, they expect raises and vacation, and we just can't have that. Frankly, I wonder if you have ever done any real software engineering - you don't seem to have much understanding of how large projects are done. Regardless … With software, the labour cost must be what, >80%? Companies used to operate that way. Sad to say, I've only got a few more months to go. ... Recruiters give preference to candidates with a good understanding of systems engineering methodology and practices. Typical graduate software engineer salaries start from £18,000 a year. Or Norman Matloff, in an op-ed on bloomberg.com, says? Having 'graduated' from a software development company several years ago, there's a market for people with a good general grounding in computers who also have some domain expertise in one or more areas. At the highest end, they make $630,000, with $80,000 in cash bonus and $300,000 worth of stock grants, just over $1 million per year. C++ is how old now? From medicine and software to energy and construction, engineering represents some of this decade's most lucrative and exciting career paths.Sweeping advances in science, industry and computing have sparked a revolution in engineering employment. You could say that the managerial-level decision making is informally shared among the senior engineers. Overall I have gotten a very good response rate to my applications. Anderson, however, says, "Data engineering teams generally skew toward senior people. Software engineering is, by all objective measures, one of the best fields to get into today. True. Personally I believe the bigger issue is the pressure offshoring has put on the market. … I think what they're really saying here is: "Programmers in their 40s have wives, kids, and hobbies, and that means they won't put up with the 50-60 hour week bullshit we can get the 20-year-olds to eat." So you get code with fewer errors and fewer re-writes to take out the errors that never got in in the first place. Are software engineers happy? Programming is a skill, not a career.Software development is a career. As always on Slashdot, +5 anecdotes trump data. It's definitely still a good career choice. Most architects I've worked with have the very unenviable job of having to listen to "the business" hand them a flurry of requirements, and they've had to write them down in ways that make as much sense as they can make of them. A career objective is more or less a statement of purpose and must accurately exhibit your abilities, the reason the recruiter must hire you, your expectations from the role and how you can actively contribute to the company’s growth, all in a … While not a traditional software development role, there is considerable overlap. So the work that used to be handled by the intermediate programmers now gets passed off to the new grads who used to be the juniors. In his book ("iWoz") - Woz tells a story where "when he was young" he was able to lock himself in a room for a week and come out with a completed project. I'm a less-than 30 year old developer. How customers interact with software determines their relationship with whatever product is being sold. Our own bloody fault, should have gone into football instead of engineering. Still going strong. When you combine a good Software Engineering degree with the well-known name of NUST-SEECS, you are bound to get high paying and good jobs quickly. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has blurted out that young programmers are superior. If you want to bypass the glass ceiling, however, don’t expect years of technical experience alone to carry you up the career ladder. You might … So, by the time you really know what you're doing, you cost too much and don't "think outside the box" anymore (read: write sloppy ^W innovative code), so they can you. which inherently make it more difficult to find a job irrespective of age. Something seems wrong, when that's how life is supposed to be lived. This is a great industry, and a great industry to grow and to work in over the long haul. With the surgeon example, his cost is pretty small relative to the value of his work as far as the customer is concerned and competition is very limited. Unless you are pre-IPO you better regard orgs like Facebook and Google for that matter as just a pit stop to pick up the resume item. But all the truly impressive programmers I've met, the ones where their code is damned near perfect in its elegance and function, were working in C, C++, or one of the other frankly 'old timer" languages. Been doing it full-time since then, and now I'm 58. regarding Zuckerberg's comment, that guy who used to run Microsoft (Bill Gates I think) basically said the same thing - i.e. But one thing experience teaches you that nothing else can is an intuitive grasp of how the frameworks and tools function and what they are probably doing inside all that obfuscated and hidden code. by Amanda Bullington. Java is getting a little rusty now. I still do that, and even dig down into code now and the, but my team does most of that. It's not "Bloomberg" that's saying it, but somebody who submitted an editorial to Bloomberg, which published it. I wouldn't generalize it to women. young minds have better/more ideas (read "Breaking Windows" to see when Bill Gates hit that wall). That good, solid technical grounding is still a valuable skill as long as you have some of the soft skills to back it up. Another reason a software engineering career is a great choice is because the field is so broad and encompasses a variety of roles related to both computer applications and systems. Many students gain experience in software development by completing an internship at a software company while in college. Why can't some of it also be for the people doing the work? I haven't been back to school since I got my master's in CS in '87; everything I've learned since has been on the job or on my own time. It seems that "increasing shareholder value" has eclipsed every other goal in modern business, including quality and long-term thinking. At the entry-level, the salaries are around Rs 15000 to Rs 50000. You hate taxes so much that you'd take a cut in take-home to screw over the government just that little bit? While in college, pursue a degree in software engineering or a related field, and look for internship opportunities where you can get even more hands-on training. An old man once told me that age and treachery will always trump youth and skill... You can't fire people when you don't have anyone to hire to fill their spot. Career advisers expect software engineering jobs to be divided between applications software engineering (about 175,000) and systems software engineering (about 120,000). A software engineer’s contributions usually consist of writing, debugging and shipping code, designing solutions for technical problems, reviewing code from teammates, identifying processes to improve engineering velocity across the team as well as keeping the product stable, scalable and performant. Really? Why keep a stubborn old programmer on board, when you can replace them with a younger less stubborn programmer at lower pay. Moisture is a key, Do Baptists believe in the Trinity? Crab food poisoning, How can I achieve peace? All Rights Reserved. No, really. Theatre performance. The builder would be at least a foreman. Why is Roblox dangerous? I quit to do my own thing which is work on a PhD degree. Thanks not only to the pressure of offshoring but the increased use of effective template-based designs, tooling, and frameworks that put to shame older tools like CORBA, and suddenly the only experience the senior programmer has that's actually relevant is their business experience. You're a people person OK, I'm 62 and still going strong. You just have to be willing to do what it takes to get to them and have them. The field is incredibly broad. What is Software Testing /QA in … That's the problem in the corporate world. Therefore you are being exploited. That's why you work long enough to get experience, and skills (and hopefully contacts and some people skills along the way)....incorporate yourself, and go contracting. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Sounds like pointless fear-mongering to me. The good news is that staying a software engineer and opting out of management is a fine career choice. I started software development at 22 and I'm turning 58 next month; I've spent a grand total of about 12 months out of work due to layoffs. There are typically two kinds of Chemical Engineering degree – Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Engineering – the MEng will typically last 1-2 years longer, so is the more in-depth degree. Software engineers design software programs and often participate in the details of their development. Note that the Bloomberg News piece is written by some CS professor for the Opinion section of Bloomberg news. Whether you’re studying a BEng or a MEng, you’ll start your degree with core chemical engineering courses such as pure and applied mathematics, computing and physics. Because all the cool toys get more and more expensive. Copyright © 2020 SlashdotMedia. Younger programmers don't create errors. Thus, the career path to software engineering may be rough, especially during recessions. Their tools are matured with a wide range of skillsets available for reasonable or cheap prices. But I have known people in their 40's with good backgrounds who couldn't find work in the field. Only then will you be in a good position to start your career in software engineering. Introduction Careers in Software Testing. Good knowledge of programming languages is the key to success in this field. Got my first software-development gig at 25. Software engineering is not a difficult career at all. ), The idea is that you hire "raw material" (CS grads) who really don't know any engineering. It's a little after hours effort but it will increase your pay without having to move down into management. Everything from why the industry wants to keep reinventing the wheel to how the same mistakes keep getting made over and over again. They should continue to work and be compensated according to their skill and experience. I'm up to date on my skills and respected by my (much younger) colleagues. Is it worth becoming a software engineer? That's odd. You have to be adaptable, willing to risk, willing to move/travel to where the jobs are. There are exploiters and the exploited. The balance is somewhere inbetween. There are plenty of jobs out there paying plenty of money if you are good. I could sit at home and write code all by myself for 10,000 and still write craptastic useless code. Question: Can I Share My Google Drive With Family? Beat me to it. That's how it works in our society. Probably 2 1/2 to 3 years of calculus. Maybe it's because I've primarily worked for small companies and startups. She is just the most recent. People skills and connections will get you a LONG way....if you can back those up with extreme tech skills, you will go even further. The financial climate is good for individuals considering a career in the field — Robert Half projects salaries will climb by 6.6 percent in 2016. The knowledge of what errors people usually make and why they make them.]]. My dad was laid off by them in his upper 50s and he fully qualified as a 'middle manager'. Now that you have an education and a good portfolio of projects, it’s time to start searching for your first software engineering position. That’s a tough question. Being a software engineer is a great career choice for someone who is exceptionally good at both left and right-brained thinking (analytical skills as well as problem-solving skills). Software engineering is a smart career choice – it’s one of the most in-demand skills in the world and American software engineers earn a median salary of $112,000. I went back to school for a mscs and recently got my first entry-level software engineer position, 4 months before (and 4 credits shy) of graduation. I had to learn all about that on my own. In both those examples a person with 20 years experience typically has a managerial role. forget even thinking about those longer hours and just pay your coders by the line. Because they don't know any better, they're now bound to the company's internal processes and it makes it that much harder for them to jump-ship or work on someone else's ecosystem. Network engineers design and maintain systems and networks. Better-than-average as in 98% of the world population won't ever be a good software engineer, no matter how much time and effort they put in it, because they simply don't have the brains for it. What attracts snails to your house? IOW, it's a dead end career. While someone who is still just a programmer after twenty years is someone stuck in a rut doing grunt work. Comment removed based on user account deletion. Pure software engineers have plenty of roles to fill outside of data science, from frontend development to infrastructure and devops roles. Traditionally, not everything that's published on the editorial page of a newspaper should be considered the opinion of the newspaper. They do this to increase profit, but it's also a way of giving a big fat middle finger to anyone worth a damn. Sure they don't have the experience of the senior programmers, but they're cheaper, so they get the job. I spent many years coding and implemented many successful projects. In the meantime, the intermediate programmers are now ready and willing to undercut the senior programmers for their former job of designing systems and collecting requirements. In general, I would say that, yes, programming, being a software developer, being a software engineer, all those things are really good careers, but you have to be smart about what you do, you have to be smart about what you do with your money, and you have to consider some of the alternative option. Software Engineering has enormous scope in Pakistan with tons of job opportunities being created each day in different sectors of technology, medical and industrial areas of Pakistan. Sometimes a developer only sees things from a given perspective, which doesn't always translate into the ability to help businesses actually do things. As he aged he found that he lost that ability/motivation (and he could just pay someone to write the code). You ever hear of Logan's Run? Common good and all that. While this may not apply to you, I can see where he's coming from. Effectively cut them off from their career fields at such a pivotal point in their lives, en masse... see what you reap. Even a career in fashion or textile design can be a good fit for the artistic talents of someone with ADHD. How to Write a Career Objective for a Software Engineer? There are so many different roles available to an AWS engineer that it makes more sense to break it down further into specific functions. Without the software to run the computer hardware, that hardware is simply a clump of plastic, silicon and metal – perhaps useful as an overpriced paperweight. In this way, the most expensive move on, and if any are replaced they're done so with cheap new talent. Submission: Software Engineering is a dead-end career, says Bloomberg. To the project, it's worth paying a person twice as much if he can uplift the value of work done by a team of 10 by 20%. For example, I went to college for Computer Science, but have always been interested in computer security. The good news is that staying a software engineer and opting out of management is a fine career choice. Software engineering as a private sector job is fairly new in the grand scheme of things. They would consider the impact their policies had on their host cities because they were wise enough to understand that affected their own future. The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This works against older engineers because they are competing against younger engineers who can adapt to new tools faster. Actually, what they're saying is that Facebook and other major software development firms engage in illegal age discrimination [eeoc.gov], but that rather than complain about it or get the EEOC or other agencies to do something about it, we should just roll over and accept it. Work is what you do to pay for your life. Is engineering a good field to get into? Theoretically, word gets out...kids stop wasting money on college education that won't last till they break even on their student loans...companies grudgingly have to hire the old farts who had trouble finding work when their were so many recent grads...CS is no longer a dead-end career. Software engineers may be a good fit for this job if they have the proper qualifications, as they would have real work experience to pass on to students. Software engineering is a new era as CIOs and Digital Leaders now understand the importance of software engineering and the impact – both good and bad – it can have on your bottom line. Quick Answer: What Job You Can Do From Home? I wasn’t into management and I am a curious tinkerer who likes too many fields for my own good. Unless you are one of the recognized leaders of your field, you become "obsolete" to your employer after about 15 years even if your skills are not. They often start as a Junior Software Engineer, which is a graduate role for those right out of university or college. Software Engineering jobs is one the most sought-after jobs in the market. 3 Reasons for Choosing a Career in Software Development. They are highly paid and are continuously in huge demand. By and large, yes. 10 steps to world peace1 Start. This was originally used in the context of olympic preparation, not programming. Plunder and pillage until the accumulated capital is all played out, then move on to new territory. Other careers would be a better fit for someone with your strengths. The people who know better are "too old". You may not be doing much hiring of any kind when they're done shoving your dumb, pathologically stock-price-obsessed ass effectively out of society. Hold on there. Not all developers have yet learned how to interact with non-technical people. Ranking, Study Abroad, Study Advice, Career Advice, Blog Post, Work Abroad Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Study Engineering Engineering and research related professions are undoubtedly some of the most popular in current times, with a significant proportion of our passionate youth opting for these majors in university. Are you considering or pursuing Software engineering as your career? C? Cool, so everyone should be a manager? Sure if your only goal is to generate enough buzz to get bought out? Certification: Although not always required, gaining certification can put a candidate at the top of the list of applicants. Some left for better opportunities, most left due to threats of furlough or layoff. I was an engineer (chip designer) for 16 years before I retired to become a stay-at-home dad/blogger.Engineering was a great career in the beginning and I enjoyed it tremendously when I … My skills and the language. Hardware engineers design and maintain physical products. This is ridiculous. From then on, it’s up to them. There are tons of different sectors in the engineering industry, which gives students a lot of options when choosing a career path. Programming is a skill, not a career.Software development is a career. Do starfish bite? The jobs that used to be handled by junior programmers are now offloaded to offshore service providers. That flies in the face of the Bloomberg schmuck's article. Can eating too much crab make you sick? [[That's what you're paying for when you hire the experienced programmers. Software Engineer Average salary : $100,080 (£76,160) Software engineers write, test, implement and update the software code that is used by computers, applications and other digital platforms; as a result, it’s important to possess excellent programming skills as well as an aptitude for problem solving. In fact, I feel Software Testing is really a good career option. "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.". That will get you ahead. Bonus schemes may be available. In that field, experience is EVERYTHING...and you can make a very healthy bill rate. I feel a lot of firms have devalued experienced engineers to their peril. How do I access a shared Google Drive? They just expect under-qualified people to pick up the slack. Benefits and overhead cost quite a lot and they are generally on a per headcount basis. What does Jesus say about going to heaven? I did it at age 41. If it was surgery, you'd probably pick the surgeon with 20 years experience over the one with a couple of years experience to operate on you. This is especially important if you wish to become a games developer. A surgeon with 20 years experience would be a consultant, probably spending a fraction of his time in theatre and even there doing the trickiest bit and supervising his staff on the rest. Already been passed over for management twice in the past five years at my current job... pretty sure that ain't going to happen here. If you live outside of the U.S., you might find you’re in good company. I don't write code anymore, and I'm ok with that. Instead, I'll tell you why you're so wrong. I now work for a company that has roughly a 1:70 ratio of manager:dev, and it's great. First, the jobs move overseas and we get told it's a "good thing":http://blog.douweosinga.com/2003/10/why-jobs-moving-overseas-isn-so-bad.html [douweosinga.com], Then, there is complaining that the industry can't find any programmers:http://www.xconomy.com/seattle/2011/05/23/tech-talent-shortage-one-of-this-years-major-storylines-illustrated-in-national-study-by-job-search-site-dice/ [xconomy.com], Next, the industry tries to figure out where all the programmers went:http://www.google.com/search?q=shortage+of+programmers [google.com]. At senior or management level, software engineers can earn £45,000 to £70,000 or more per annum. But if you avoid such thinking at all cost, and you are the American and European industries in the face of Japanese competition in the eighties, that kept banging on about their quality, while the Japanese sold their cheap products by the million.
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