In other instances, your account may be placed on a temporary hold. I contacted Facebook many times but with no results. Follow. I've had this issue before, to fix this call technical support and tell them to add the bank account for you and done! I appealed and got a reply a day later stating I violated this … Now, whenever I try to create a new account (I created 2, each with a new email and then 1 with a new phone number) it gets disabled … Ryan August 30, 2017 19:42. a) Press “Windows + R” key to open Run window. Make sure to select General Support as the Case Category, and then select Disabled Account from the Topics drop-down menu. Or your account may have been disabled due to suspicion or allegation of fraud or unauthorized purchases, soliciting passwords, gifting of stolen credits to your account, or some other illegal or inappropriate activity. I want to know why? The message ‘Trade is disabled’ can be seen due to one of the 4 reasons below: A user has attempted to trade on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or outside trading hours for a trading instrument. i was using discord listening to some music and talking with my friends and suddenly my account got disabled for no reason, it said to check my email and there was nothing from discord. Impersonating someone. Nb Nbrun Feb 05, 2020. *wait between 2-7 days* to confirm that this is your bank account. If you wish to continue using a Demo account of FXPro, you may contact them and FXPro can setup a non-expiry demo account. They will ask your username. It is so frustrating when you put too much time and efforts on your Instagram account to grow it professionally and suddenly face with Instagram block or disable account. Here, I’d be sharing with you 10 possible reasons why your Facebook account may have gotten suspended, disabled or banned. As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together, you can count on us for the care you and your family need. Using a fake name. Please help me because I had so much on that account with nitro, so many servers, and the account was 2 … PS: I am on another account to get some help because I can’t log into my disabled email account… When I tried logging back In it said this account was disabled. Why Google Disables an Account. There are a lot of reasons why Google disables the account of a user, and we shall cover everything below. Account creation at is disabled, as Cakewalk (the company) is closed. If this is the case, you can proceed in one of two ways: by cleaning up your browser or by going through an additional verification process. So basically all of this just happened in the last 40 min. I have been using world remit for many years without many issues other than a delay here or there. Why is my account disabled? If you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, start with our symptom checker or call 866-443-2584.Learn more in our Resource Center. Please I need help my account was disabled and the recipient still hasn’t received the transfer of $1000 I sent him, I need my money back please Reply. I close it down for the night and get up the next day and as it attempts to load the administrator account (the only account available) it states: "Your account has been disabled. I was talking to a friend when it logged me out. Method 1: Enable the user account. Also, make sure to tell us the name of the disabled account. Why is my account disabled? I have used the initial link. Today, we are announcing a change to our account disable policy. They just not response. The “Account has been disabled” issue completely locks the user out of their user accounts, and that can be a pretty big problem for the average Windows 10 user as any Windows 10 user would be furious if they are simply locked out of their computer for no apparent reason.Well, the following are the two solutions that you can use to fix the “Account has been disabled” issue by yourself: Your Azure subscription can get disabled because your credit has expired, you reached your spending limit, have an overdue bill, hit your credit card limit, or because the subscription was canceled by the Account … I can’t log in, it says my password and stuff is wrong which I know that’s false. I just recently was able to access my Dropbox account on the 7th of September and when I try to access it on the 9th of September it’s disabled? My account is deactivated Your account can be deactivated from the Uber network for various reasons. We can then tell you why your account was disabled and if there is a way to recover it. I had already certified my previous weeks up until yesterday so i just don’t know whether or not they processed successfully. My account was disabled too, no reason. Continuing behavior that's not allowed … Cancel Submit. Some examples include: Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms. follow IVR instruction, tell them that you have USER ID DISABLED issue. Gmail account DISABLED for suspicious activity, for NO REASON. A Single Sign-On system was in place from 2014-2017, which is still accessible to users who had created an account or migrated within that time frame. And how to get it back up and running. Your account may be temporarily disabled after being flagged by our verification and compliance team. Together with Facebook, we develop policies to ensure Instagram is a supportive place for everyone. 10 Possible Reasons Why Your Facebook Account Got Suspended, Disabled or Banned. FXPro’s demo account normally lasts for 30 days, after 30 days of the date of account opening, your trading account may be disabled and closed automatically. There are a number of reasons why an Instagram account gets disabled, and often moderators will strike without any kind of warning. Appeal never work, I upload my ID cards, my photos, and told them my mobile phones. 0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 285 Upvotes. My account was disabled "for my protection" in 2015. Nextdoor is a place for neighbours to build connections, stay informed, and help each other in their everyday lives. Hello Discord, so yesterday my discord account was disabled for some reason. If it’s already been redeemed by another account, that account will receive an email to confirm a chargeback has been issued and won’t have Premium anymore. My account was disabled 3 days ago 2 hours after getting a 3 day ban for posting a video that FB claimed was copyrighted. Re: Why is my bank account disabled? So today’s focus will be on your Instagram Your Account has been Disabled for Violating our Terms Fix.So if you are in this situation while it can be a really traumatic situation loosing a account that you worked really hard on I don’t want you to worry as there is still a chance that you can recover your account. These changes will help us quickly detect and remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies. It was removed and I was warned not to do it again before getting my account disabled. Our support staff is available to help retrieve legacy registration information if needed! These decisions are always taken after a careful consideration of all information available to us and taking into account the conditions outlined in the Service Agreement with Uber B.V. and if relevant any local Community Guidelines. I was told i’d get a payment today but of course i didn’t lol. Once your account is disabled, your personal information such as profile photos and birthdate will be stored safely or deleted, and the account is marked as inactive. 7 months ago. Questions regarding listings or account disablement should go to our team at after a while they will say we have requested activation for your account please check within 15-20 minutes. You just have to figure out which applies to you and if … For no reason at all, GMail decided to disable my account from "suspicious activity" DESPITE USING THE SAME DEVICE, BROWSER, AND KNOWING MY PASSWORD. I have had the same experience. In the following sections, you will learn what these reasons entail. Your Account Has Been Flagged for Review. Or you can also open Demo accounts as many as you want. To restore your Facebook account, you can try avoiding making any attempt to open your Facebook account for 96 hours. This is a way to “reset” the ad account so approvals start happening automatically. If you believe that your Klaviyo account is disabled or temporarily suspended, there are several reasons why this may be the case. Why is my account disabled? To check if this is the case, you can find the schedule for each trading instrument on our website in the ‘ Range of Markets ’ section. To ensure that everyone has a good experience and that Nextdoor remains a civil community space where all members feel welcome, safe, and respected, everyone must abide by our Community Guidelines . Despite my efforts (including many of the suggestions listed above) the account cannot be re-activated for an indefinite period of time, perhaps never. However, posts and comments on the Internet which are intended to make public will remain visible even after the account becomes inactive. We disable Facebook accounts that don't follow the Facebook Terms. Reactivate a disabled Azure subscription. 0 Votes. This is the best and the easiest way to get your id activated. 11/17/2020; 2 minutes to read; In this article. This reply does not answer the question if the admin account was the only account in the system. I bought a pc, booted up windows 10 and everything worked fine. Accounts deemed as pirated, phished, or compromised can be disabled by Facebook. I am a new retailer and I'm having trouble adding an ad account for my shopify store in Facebook business manager. No further explanation can be provided to me, and no other remedies appear to exist. For online gift cards, only the account that bought the gift card is disabled and the gift card is revoked (so can’t be redeemed). A couple of months ago, my Personal Facebook account was disabled due to some trademark infringement. Disabled accounts. About 5 minutes later it logged me out and said I couldn’t log back in and they said my account was disabled!