Bestel deze online in de webshop van 123planten. Caring for the large Stelitzia Nicolai is much easier than you might think! The inflorescence is composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals, and a bluish-purple "tongue". Wel wil deze plant op een licht plekje staan. It's unique, tropical flowers earn it the nickname Bird of Paradise. Strelitzia Nicolaï. This exclusive houseplant belongs to the Musaceae plant family, which makes it a small family of the banana plant. Strelitzia Nicolai (Giant white bird of paradise) is an ornamental house plant. Indoor Plants To Buy Online. The Bird of Paradise got its name from the flowers that are produced from many varieties resembling the plumage of a bird called the Bird of Paradise. A giant bird of paradise plant (Strelitzia nicolai) can grow to a height between 15 and 30 feet and width of 15 feet. Looking for a popular jungle plant? Daarnaast is het blad van de nicolai groter dan het blad van de regina. Strelitzia’s zijn licht giftig, let op met kinderen en huisdieren. Wild banana; white bird of paradise. Multiple plants available - yours may not be the one shown in the photo. Nickname. Meer informatie over Paradijsvogelplant Strelitzia 'Nicolai' vind je bij n nContact us for sizes and prices! Its large leaves were designed to split, splitting is normal and part of the growing process. Intratuin A character trait of the white bird of paradise is split-leaves or foliage. These plants grow with upright leaves emerging directly from the soil; there is no trunk. Strelitzia Nicolai Houseplant. Strelitzia nicolai - giant bird of paradise. Yes. Strelitzia nicolai (Giant White Bird of Paradise) - The Nicolai is the large form of the common 'Bird of Paradise'. For genuinely spectacular flowers in September, the houseplant strelitzia takes some beating. Free home delivery* Detailed care manuals. How To Assemble Hydroculture Plants Light: Strelitzia grow best in bright, indirect light. Related to the bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia regina), this close cousin is a much larger plant forming huge clumps of stems to 30 feet in comparison to S. regina's 3 to 4 feet height. USE IN:As a feature in tropical-style garden settings. Category: Plants. MENU. Chat. Orange Bird of Paradise Houseplant - Strelitzia nicolai House Plant - Live Rooted Plant. De Strelitzia Nicolai is dé populairste plant van het moment. Evergreen perennial, indoor. Strelitzia nicolai is commonly grown both indoors and outdoors as well, in the case of warmer climates. In the wild the plant grows up to 10 meters high. Strelitzia nicolai is commonly grown both indoors and outdoors as well, in the case of warmer climates. A close relative of the banana, the bird of paradise gets its name from its splayed, brightly colored, pointed flowers that look a lot like a bird in flight. Strelitzia reginae is repotted when the pot becomes too small. The very popular birds of paradise houseplant. Strelitzia nicolai. Search for: Search. This Bird of paradise plant is a great plant for a very sunny spot. Filter by post type. Photo. My account. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. De Strelitzia groeit vooral in de hoogte en weinig in de breedte, daarom is het een perfect plant voor in een lege hoek. ... Philodendron Houseplant – Types / How to Grow, Care and Plant. With its tufts of flaming orange petals, like the head of a fabulous exotic bird, it’s easy to see why it’s called the bird of paradise plant or the crane flower. Description Description. Zet hem dus op een zonnige plek, hier komt hij het best tot zijn recht. Botanical Name: Strelitzia NicolaiCommon Names: White Bird of Paradise Description: Strelitzia nicolai, commonly known as the giant white bird of paradise or wild banana, is a species of banana-like plants with erect woody stems reaching a height of 6 m and the clumps formed can spread as far as 3.5 m. Strelitzia Nicolai in fraaie sierpot met watermeter. One look at it when it's in flower and you know where it got its common name; the flowers look incredibly like the head of a rather exotic crested bird. Unlike Strelitzia alba, the inflorescence of Strelitzia nicolai is compound.It is made up of not 1 but up to 5 Spathes (a spathe is a bract – a modified specialised leaf that appears different from the calyx or corolla). The Strelitzia Nicolai or White Bird of Paradise produces a blue/white version of this flower. Portal Cool Ave Paraiso Giant Strelitzia Nicolai 10 Seeds. It is a trunk forming, clustering tree to 6m high with banana-like shiny green leathery leaves, having an obtuse base arranged in two ranks. Deze hippe Strelitzia Nicolai is een ideale kamerplant in je woonkamer of op kantoor. Strelitzia Nicolai Groei. Verder is het verstandig om te checken of de groene kamerplant water nodig heeft door je vinger even in de aarde te steken. The houseplant is potted with a so-called semi hydroponics; the soil contains clay granules that absorb water, providing the plant with a continuous water level. : AchmadAnam - Live Plant - Strelitzia nicolai Giant White Bird of Paradise 1g Mature Houseplant : Garden & Outdoor Lichtbehoefte Strelitzia XXL. Sold See item details. S. nicolai is restricted to evergreen coastal forest and thicket of eastern South Africa from the Great Fish River northwards to Richards Bay. Meer informatie over Paradijsvogelplant Strelitzia 'Nicolai' XL vind je bij These can take a surprising amount of wind before the leaves will start shreding, however an exposed site, prone to constant wind would be best avoided. Its like your on vacation, but much less expensive! List of species of southern African plants. Ophalen. See item details. Manufacturer: Oleander Flowers. [2][3], Strelitzia nicolai is among the few plants which have been verified to contain the pigment bilirubin, which is usually found in animals. This plant will grow as tall as its name is beautiful. Need a vacation? It prefers rich, moist soils with good drainage in full sun to part shade. All posts. In een fraaie sierpot met boomstructuur. 100% Groei en Bloeigarantie Vers van Nederlandse bodem Bestel nu online! Decostar kunstplant Strelitzia 50 x 130 cm groen. Strelitzia Nicolai Katten. The entire flower can be up to 7.2 inches (18 cm) tall, up to 18 inches (45 cm) long and is typically held just above the … An added bonus is that there is a consensus that the plant is generally safe. Once the plant reaches 2m or more it can start to produce flowers - like a larger version of Strelitzia reginae but white where the other is orange. Strelitzia Nicolai XXL: this large plant will need care as frequently as your average cactus! Aangezien de plant giftig is kan deze plant ook klachten veroorzaken als je kat een stukje heeft opgegeten. Grown as much for the tropical foliage and a modern houseplant as much as for the exotic blooms when they do appear The Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise flower is originally from South Africa, but in the meantime the plant has spread to almost all tropical and subtropical areas. Strelitzia Nicolai. €99,95 €84,96. De strelitzia nicolai kan met de juiste verzorging tot wel 10 meter hoog worden! The Strelitzia Nicolai comes from South Africa and has beautiful large leaves that transform your house into a real jungle. Natuurlijk! Share Product description. Samen met deze bamboepot heb je een kant-en-klare combinatie. Quantity. Strelitzia nicolai Houseplant Ficus microcarpa Bird of paradise flower, plant PNG free download Waterbehoefte Strelitzia Nicolai. The inflorescence is composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals and a bluish-purple "tongue". Flowers. Air purifying. [4], Strelitzia nicolai is one of three larger Strelitzia species, the other two being tree-like S. caudata and S. alba. 99. The 6 - 8' leaves are grey-green and arranged in fans atop the trunks. Nicolai wil grow to about 6m tall, and is very hardy and reasonably drought tolerant. 100% Groei en Bloeigarantie Vers van Nederlandse bodem Bestel nu online! Strelitzia nicolai. Euphorbia Milii Flowering Houseplant - Crown Of Thorns House Plant - Live Rooted Plant ThePlantHall $ 13.00. There are three strelitzia species: reginae, juncea and nicolai, and all are used to make a dramatic impact in the garden, as hardy foliage plants or to create a tropical-look garden indoors and outdoors. De Strelitzia Nicolai kun je trouwens ook prima op een plaats zetten met iets meer schaduw. The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower/plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise. 99% of the Bird of Paradise I see for sale in Toronto are the 'Giant White' (Strelitzia nicolai) variety which aren't particularly house-friendly because they grow up to 30ft and can't be pruned to contain its size. Strelitzia Nicolai - Bird of Paradise for sale, Strelitzia Nicolai - Bird of Paradise House Plants Delivered UK. Buy quality Strelitzia nicolai - Giant White Bird of Paradise houseplants. Gibbs Russell, G. E., W. G. M. Welman, E. Retief, K. L. Immelman, G. Germishuizen, B. J. Pienaar, M. Van Wyk & A. Nicholas. 1987. Live Plant-Strelitzia nicolai Giant White Bird of Paradise 1g Mature Houseplant. 130 cm 32 cm In winkelwagen Strelitzia kopen. Vaak halen mensen de Strelitzia Nicolai en de bananenplant door elkaar, maar bij de Strelitzia Nicolai … Big blue-grey leaves, like those of the banana plant, add to the tropical appeal of this striking plant. Customers give us a 9,7 / 10. 2), Joffe, P. Easy Guide to indigenous Shrubs. Briza Publications. Daarbij beschikt de Strelitzia Nicolai over meerdere stammen. Strelitzia nicolai—also known as Giant Bird of Paradise, the banana leaf plant or banana leaf palm, is one of our favorite plants for Bay Area gardens, but did you know that this plant can also grow happily indoors?It’s important to know what you’re dealing with, so if you want to try the Giant Bird of Paradise as a houseplant, read on for some helpful tips and information. MENU. A mature White bird of paradise houseplant can grow 6 feet or more. Fred Wateringen. Most popular Most recent. NL These 5 smaller spathes grow out of a single large boat like spathe that surrounds the all 5 of the smaller spathes in the compound inflorescence. Plant Care 101: Bird of Paradise | Strelizia Nicolai - YouTube Text. Image by prill Bird of paradise, also known as Strelitzia, is a beautiful and truly unique looking plant. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that the roots grow out at the bottom or the plant begins to shrivel. Oderings Garden Centre | Houseplant - Strelitzia Nicolai - Birds of Paradise 27cm Free home delivery* Detailed care manuals. Plant height (including pot) 90-100cm; 130-140cm . The giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) towers 30 feet in height. Alleen nog een mooie plek er voor uitzoeken! Also called crane flowers, choose from three types of Strelitzia species to grow in your garden. Often referred to as banana plant, since the leaves do have a very similar shape to those of a banana tree, Strelitzia is a much hardier choice to be kept as an indoor houseplant. Product can be reviewed only after purchasing it; Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of South Africa 2(1–2): 1–152(pt. Mijn Strelitzia groeit als een malle, misschien zelfs iets te hard, want het lijkt erop dat het nieuwste blad waarschijnlijk wel tot het plafond zal komen! The leaves are grey-green up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long and arranged like a fan at the top of the stems. The 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)-long leaves are grey-green and arranged like a fan at the top of the stems, similar to Ravenala madagascariensis. 0 review(s) Write your own ratings Close. 2003, "Animal Pigment Bilirubin Discovered in Plants", "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 06:45. 19cm; 35cm My account. Wateringen Eergisteren. In dit geval moet je contact opnemen met de dierenarts. Hydroculture - Strelitzia nicolai - Bird of Paradise Care & Info Guide Hydroculture Plant: Requires hydroculture assembly with hydrogranules, water meter, plant pot liner and plant food. Deze plant heeft mooie lange bladeren die lang groen blijven. The 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)-long leaves are grey-green and arranged like a fan at the top of the stems, similar to Ravenala madagascariensis. It is also considered native to Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and is reportedly naturalized in eastern Mexico (State of Veracruz).[5]. Strelitzia / s t r ɛ ˈ l ɪ t s i ə / is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa.It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae. [6] In favourable conditions they self-seed freely, and their invasive root systems are best kept away from buildings.[7]. The flowers are awesome in cut arrangements. FREE Shipping. Here is a basic care guide for White Bird of Paradide ( Strelitzia nicolai) I do not own a Strelitzia reginae, but the same care applies.These houseplants get big, so be prepared for them to grow quickly and provide them with the room and light they need to thrive.Here are the time stamps for the specific sections:00:48 LIGHTING NEEDS01:12 GETTING THEM TO FLOWER1:50 WATERING NEEDS2:46 TEMPERATURE3:04 SOILS3:15 FERTILIZER NEEDS4:01 BASIC CARE@planterina on instagram Have a great week and thank you so much for coming over to my channel! The multi-stemmed trunks of the plant often grow up to 18 inches in diameter. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Customers give us a 9,7 / 10. 5-nov-2020 - Strelitzia Nicolai (Paradijsvogelbloem) kopen bij 123planten Gratis verzending vanaf €60 Vers van de kweker Prachtige Strelitzia planten kopen voor op een zonnige plek. Giant Bird of Paradise sums up this immense plant - huge grey-green paddle shaped leaves to 2m long are produced on a gradually extending ringed trunk. Zijn grote decoratieve bladeren geven je het gevoel dat je een stukje tropen in huis hebt gehaald. Other options New If you have the space it can flower but only after it gets to 2.5m+ Hover over thumbnails below to see a larger image on the left. The plant tolerates light frost. Growth can be very quick with the leaves arching architecturally creating a fan. Feeding young bird of paradise plants of this species should be done once a month during the growing season. Propagation is via division of clumps, offsets and from seed. Green houseplant with large leaves, that is the Strelitzia Nicolai. Grid View List View. The Giant Bird of Paradise is a stunning and hardy perennial with a strong architectural shape. Related products. Shopping Cart. The entire flower can be as much as 18 cm (7.1 in) high by 45 cm (18 in) long, and is typically held just above the point where the leaf fan emerges from the stem. The bird of paradise plant is an exotic beauty that flowers in winter. De Strelitzia Nicolai is een snelle groeier en de plant kan heel groot worden. Search for: Search. De andere soorten worden zo'n 1 tot 6 meter hoog. For a striking, upright plant for a bright light location, look no further than Strelitzia nicolai. Strelitzia Nicolai Origin. Of the five, Strelitzia nicolai and Strelitzia reginae are the two popularly owned houseplants. Audio. Flowers are followed by triangular seed capsules. Neem geen risico met de gezondheid van je kat. Similar items on Etsy. En die baby’s kun jij dan weer stekken! These white-flowering “big birds” can grow quickly when fertilized. $15.99 $ 15. Each leaf easily measures 8 feet in length and is a brilliant shade of green. The Strelitzia, commonly known as the Bird of Paradise Plant, is the spectacular, unmistakable and unchallenged Queen of the houseplant world. Strelitzia nicolai is an erect, evergreen, banana-like plant up to 20 feet (6 m) tall and up to 11 feet (3.3 m) wide, with erect, woody stems. This one grows in clumps that are 3 - 5 ft tall. Wishlist. We do too, but next best thing is this Bird of Paradise. Phalaenopsisplant (Pink) Ask. In summer, the Strelitzia is very suitable to place on the terrace. Hoe wordt mijn Strelitzia Nicolai verzonden? Zeer mooie strelitzia nicolai, trendy plant die erg makkelijk in onderhoud is. The Strelitzia nicolai is the larger, white flowering relative of Strelizia reginea (the orange flowering Bird of Paradise). $168.00 $ 168. Plants require many years of growth before they begin blooming. Paradijsvogelplant XL 'Strelitzia Nicolai' koop je bij WoonQ. Then this Bird of Paradise plant, Strelitzia Nicolai, is the right place for you! Wishlist. Strelitzia nicolai, commonly known as the giant white bird of paradise or wild banana, is a species of banana-like plants with erect woody stems reaching a height of 6 m (20 ft), and the clumps formed can spread as far as 3.5 m (11 ft).. A large, evergreen, paddle-leaf shaped perennial which produces white and pale blue bird shaped flowers sitting in a dark purple- black bract. FREE Shipping. 1), 1–270(pt. The orange flowers have blue accents and bloom every so often during the year. Shopping Cart. LOCATION: Plant in a full sun to partly shaded position in the garden. Orange Bird of Paradise Houseplant - Strelitzia nicolai House Plant - Live Rooted Plant. Nursery pot size. Naast de bananenplant, is de paradijsvogelplant misschien wel de populairste plantensoort.De paradijsvogelplant, oftewel strelitzia, komt oorspronkelijk uit Zuid-Afrika.Er zijn vier soorten strelitizia's. 00. Video. Great as a two-storey screening plant in suburban gardens. 3 meters. Direct sunlight may scorch the leaves and damage the flowers. Strelitzia Nicolai Houseplant. Checkout. strelitzia nicolai < > Most recent. Is de Strelitzia Nicolai giftig? APPEARANCE: Super sized clumping plant with large fronds and deep purple flowers featuring white centres. I mean just look at the size of the specimen at Cloud Gardens! Plant type. a lovely tropical looking houseplant. Schefflera Plant Care – Houseplant-Tips for Propagation & Pruning. – Latin name: Strelitzia Augusta/Nicolai – Delivery height: 100-120 cm (measured including pot) – Adult height: about 7 meters in the wild, as a houseplant max. CARE: Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. De bekendste Strelitzia is de Strelitzia Nicolai. There is strelitzia reginae, strelitzia nicolai and strelitzia juncea, and the way to tell them apart is their leaves. The inflorescence is composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals, and a bluish-purple tongue. Size:100 cm | Pot: 24cm Indoor Plants from Botanicly. It is the most cold tolerant and resilient. Learn more about the White Bird Of Paradise & buy online from Patch. Strelitzia is een geslacht van vijf soorten, dat voorkomt in Zuid-Afrika.De naam Strelitzia eert Charlotte van Mecklenburg-Strelitz, de echtgenote van koning George III van het Verenigd Koninkrijk.. Strelitzia nicolai kan 10 m hoog worden en is daarmee de grootste soort uit het geslacht. Also known as the Wild Banana or Crane Plant. Skip to navigation Skip to content. This way you also create a real jungle vibe outside. Giant White Bird Of Paradise (strelitzia Nicolai)- 1 To 2 Feet Tall - Ship In 6" Pot SevenTropical. Strelitzia Nicolai, the tree-size variety of bird of paradise, will also enjoy a top dressing of manure. Buy giant white bird of paradise / wild banana Strelitzia nicolai - Wonderful foliage houseplant: 19cm pot - 80cm tall: £52.49 Delivery by Crocus The birdlike flowers appear a bright blue and purple or … 30-mei-2020 - Bekijk het bord 'Strelitzia nicolai' van Robert van Oers, dat wordt gevolgd door 117 personen op Pinterest. – Prefer a location with lots of light Top dressings of manure or blood meal are always welcomed by these plants. Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks. When grown outdoors, this bird of paradise responds well to granular landscape fertilizers. Nicolau our Strelitzia Nicolai is the perfect plant for beginners and busy Londoners. Strelitzia reginae is the plant with the familiar orange and blue flowers. These plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Op de wate. The flowers usually appear between April and November, but may not appear until the plant is 4 to 5 years old. Strelitzia nicolai, commonly known as the giant white bird of paradise or wild banana, is a species of banana-like plants with erect woody stems reaching a height of 6 m (20 ft), and the clumps formed can spread as far as 3.5 m (11 ft). Mildly toxic if ingested . De andere soorten worden meestal 2-6 m hoog. Door de kou is de plant eerder geneigd om een bloem aan te maken. Bekijk meer ideeën over planten, woonkamerplanten, kamerplanten. It is an evergreen perennial with large paddle shaped leaves, and can grow to very tall. Quote. Sold See item details. Then this Bird of Paradise plant, Strelitzia Nicolai, is the right place for you! Link. There are five Strelitzia species, but only two are commonly grown as indoor plants: Strelitzia reginae (the orange bird of paradise) and Strelitzia nicolai (the white bird of paradise). € 200,00 Eergisteren. Het is raadzaam om een Strelitzia Reginae 's winters op een koelere standplaats neer te zetten, met een minimale temperatuur van 10 ºC. A stunning architectural indoor plant with … Flower production is much more frequent when a Bird of Paradise is used as an outdoor plant. These are already quite large! Een Strelitzia is, naast de Musa, misschien wel één van de meest bekende Jungle planten die er is.De plant kan in woonkamers tot het plafond groeien, en maakt in de meeste gevallen ook kleine baby’s. Een ruim assortiment strelitzia vind je bij Intratuin | Kom naar één van onze 51 winkels of bekijk het assortiment nu online. As the leaf matures it will begin to split and new growth Should appear. De Strelitzia Nicolai komt uit een tropisch gebied, vandaar dat zij prima in de zon kunnen staan. Pet/baby safe. De Strelitzia Nicolai 140cm vindt het fijn om wekelijks een flinke scheut water te krijgen en af en toe besproeit te worden. The giant white bird of paradise plant, also known as strelitzia nicolai, is an ornamental flowering plant native to South Africa. Spectacular, white and midnight-blue flowers resembling the face of a colourful crane surrounded by paddle-shaped, emerald-green leaves. Because of how slowly bird of paradise seeds germinate, giant white bird of paradise plant are best propagated by division. They are sturdy and have low-maintenance water and light requirements, which make them ideal to have as ornamentals in the house. Bestel nu online bij de grootste webshop in woonaccesoires van Nederland: WoonQ ☑ It comes from South Africa and is known for its captivating orange flowers, often with a bluish touch. Compare this to a regular bird paradise plant that only reaches about 5 feet in height, and you understand why it is called "giant." Strelitzia belongs to the family of bananas (Musaceae) and are closely linked. De Strelitzia Nicolai.