When will NYCHA notify me about my rent change? 128. A consent decree signed by Judge Ward in New York State Supreme Court in 1995 established a set of procedures that must be followed when a landlord plans to commence an eviction action against a Section 8 tenant. If you live in Westchester County and would like to inquire about the ESOP housing mobility counseling program: Westchester - ESOP (Enhanced Section 8 Outreach Program) + We currently have over 90,000 participating families with approximately 32,000 participating landlords. No. Yes. 160. In addition, you may also view a current listing on our Section 8 website at www.nyc.gov/nycha. 114. + You may receive Section 8 subsidy in your co-op. (518) 372-8846Wayne However, the investment property cannot be the Section 8 family’s primary residence (except for Section 8 co-op owners). Utica, NY 13502 ARE WINDOW GUARDS REQUIRED ON FIRST FLOOR APARTMENTS? Yes, in an effort to reduce the number of apartments or buildings that will not meet HQS and found unsuitable for Section 8 tenancy, NYCHA has begun conducting online searches of official NYC Government Agency Records to verify that all properties have valid certificate of occupancy and do not contain any significant number of outstanding hazardous conditions. 46. + 154. The purpose of Section 8 is to enable eligible families or individuals to live in decent, safe, and sanitary housing by paying only an affordable portion of rental costs. Delaware Opportunities, Inc. Whether or not a landlord currently has Section 8 tenants is irrelevant. 9. 9882 River Rd. Batavia, NY 14020 What is the lease renewal process. The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is a New York State public development corporation which provides public housing in New York City.It was the first agency in the United States to provide housing for low- and moderate-income residents throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Are Section 8 vouchers accepted at Public Housing developments? + 71. If I accept the Housing Stability Program will I be eligible for Section 8? For more information on HCV Programs in areas listed below, contact the appropriate Local Administrator or the NYS HCR Statewide Section 8 Voucher Program at [email protected] . The “housing choice voucher” is a 100% federally funded rental subsidy for low-income households living in privately owned rental units. NYCHA will issue a "utility reimbursement" to you only if the difference between your adjusted income and utility allowance results in a negative rent share. Arbor Housing and Development The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is no longer accepting new Section 8 applications. + As large as NYCHA’s Section 8 voucher population is, however, it represents little more than half of the city’s total. PO Box 470 NYCHA does not pay security deposits or moving expenses. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 If you are a voucher holder would you like to register? 11 Federal Street You may request a special inspection by contacting the NYCHA call center. For the Section 8 Program only violent felonies and drug or alcohol related offenses are applicable. Other local and state agencies also administer Section 8 programs in New York City (HPD & DHCR). + 86. + + Joseph E. Mastrianni, Inc. Albion, NY 14411 + LawrenceSt. (315) 376-8202 Ext. 15. In many cases, the tenant will be responsible to pay a part of the rent that is not covered by the Section 8 voucher. Section 8 Voucher Holder Portal NYCHA City/State development login. Tenants that refuse to allow access to complete repairs in their apartment could be subject to termination from the Section 8 Program. Do I need an appointment to return my rental briefing packet? gosection8.com is a website for landlords, tenants, and housing authorities who particpate in the section 8 program. + You can rent an apartment that is one room larger than the voucher apartment size but the rent cannot be more than 40% of the family’s adjusted gross income at the time of initial occupancy. The Hot Springs Housing Authority (HSHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently open until further notice. Click the 'Submit' button to send the request to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). The waiting list was re-opened in early 2007 to non-emergency applicants but as of May 15, 2007 and until further notice, NYCHA will only accept Section 8 applications from emergency applicants. Yes. Watertown, NY 13601 1023 State Route 38 (631) 471-1215 Ext. The Code of Federal Regulations highlights "serious" and "repeated" violations of the lease agreement and "violation of federal, State, or local law" that interferes with the assisted tenancy as primary examples of good cause. Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. Enter details regarding the reason you are requesting a special inspection in the 'Description' field. 56. Confirm receipt of your application Why do I and all household members 18 years of age or older need to provide our signature on the ‘Third Party Verification – Consent to Release Information’ form as part of completing my Annual Recertification? 40 Main Street 37. What information/documentation do I need to submit in order to complete my Annual Recertification, and how do I submit this information? 129. Belmont, NY 14813 To remove a member that is currently active in your household, you must select the member you would like to remove, provide your initials in the ‘Signed By’ column, and click on the ‘Remove Selected’ button. Yes. If you are an existing Section 8 Tenant or Section 8/Public Housing Applicant, you can access NYCHA’s Self Service Portal by clicking the below button. Both families and individuals are eligible to receive Section 8 assistance. Why did I receive this notice from NYCHA? + + What should I do if my tenant is not paying their portion of the rent? Email Address: + 5. Although the waiting list for the Section 8 program closed in 2009, there are 85,236 participating families currently served by NYCHA’s Section 8 program and 26,415 owners. Box 19197, Long Island City, NY 11101. + If we then approve the request, there is no need to name NYCHA as co-defendant.) You may request to speak with a supervisor if you are not satisfied with the explanation of the Customer Service Representative. Yes. gosection8.com is a website for landlords, tenants, and housing authorities who particpate in the section 8 program. Obviously, the owner must follow state and local laws regarding evictions. Please note that simply requesting to add a new member to your household is not considered permission to add the new member. Property rental listings directly to Public Housing Authority, Maximize Rental … Your apartment must also pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection. The NE-1 contains a certification page, which can be signed by the owner and the tenant and returned to borough office, or both can sign work orders. You will have an opportunity to speak with a NYCHA representative to discuss your new rent share in the event you do not agree with the calculations. 146. NYCHA also administers a citywide Section 8 Leased Housing Program in rental apartments. During heat season (October 1 through May 31), NYCHA is committed to maintaining the following temperatures in apartments, in accordance with New York City Administrative Code: between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., a temperature of at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit whenever the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees; and (315) 789-8010OrangePathStone (518) 372-8846, Saratoga Springs Housing Authority** However, you will be responsible for paying your new rent share while this review is in progress. + Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency Inc. Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Program - Statement of Family Responsibility. If a Section 8 tenant lives in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment, when a lease expires the landlord is required by law to offer the tenant a renewal lease with the same terms and conditions as the original lease (except for appropriate rent increases or other conditions to which the tenant also agrees).In non-regulated apartments, which in New York City are predominantly located in 1 to 5 family homes, the landlord may choose not to sign a new HAP contract with the Housing Authority when a lease expires. (212) 480-6672 It depends on when the offense took place. + You must complete a "Tenant Request for Transfer" form. Clinton County Housing Assistance Program A criminal background check is conducted on all family members 16 years of age and older who are part of your family and for persons defined by NYCHA as a questionable family member. Autoservicio. 35430 State Highway 10 Once I submit my Annual Recertification, will I be able to edit or add information about myself or my family members? + 101. HOW DOES SECTION 8 VERIFY THAT THE REPAIRS WERE COMPLETED? Health conditions are no longer a priority in either the Public Housing or Section 8 programs. Why do I need to complete a "Third Party Verification- Consent to Release Information" form? NBHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), formerly Section 8, offers the opportunity for low-income families to choose affordable rental housing within the City of New Braunfels and Comal County. 41 Lewis Street Section 8 Voucher Holder Portal Contact NYCHA If you need assistance, please call NYCHA at 718-707-7771 between hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. 41. Referrals from NYC Administration for Children's Services for the Family Unification and Independent Living programs. + Joseph E. Mastrianni, Inc. Central Office + 59. 402 Chandler Street + Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! Will NYCHA pay for my moving expenses? You may only take legal possession of an apartment through a court order. Thereafter, the unit must be inspected at least once every 12 months while the unit remains on the Section 8 Program. Once the repairs have been completed, submit all documentation to substantiate any claims for unpaid subsidies to the inspection unit manager. The program also provides assistance to senior citizens and disabled persons on fixed incomes, displaced families, and homeless individuals with disabilities. 91. Yes. What are the income requirements (admission limits)? 115. Can I apply for S8 if I am already living in public housing? 2. However, you must first contact NYCHA to receive permission to add any members to your household. The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) administers the largest tenant-based Section 8 program in the United States. Can I continue to receive SCRIE when I become a Section 8 tenant? Why was I terminated from the program? 90. What should I do if my Section 8 tenant is not allowing access for apartment repairs? Simply mouse over each chart to see a more detailed dataset. 408TompkinsTompkins Community Action + More Information. How much will I have to pay for rent in Public Housing/Section 8? Update: NYCHA is offering new opportunities for Section 8 landlords through the new Housing Choice Voucher Owners Incentive Program. New York, NY 10004 89. Nycha Extranet. 150. + Rural Ulster Preservation Co. (RUPCO) How will I be notified that my Annual Recertification is complete? Step 3 Attend the Section 8 denial hearing and present your case. Section 8 subsidy payments will not be paid until your apartment passes an HQS apartment inspection. If the tenant continues deny you access, you should contact the NYCHA call center to register a compliant or you may visit the NYCHA customer service to submit supporting documentation. + Each Borough Applications Office and Section 8 Rental Team, schedule applications within their boroughs. Geneva Housing Authority You are responsible for paying your own moving expenses. The Rogersville Housing Authority is one of the Section 8 office facilities in Rogersville. Exceptions are made if: + No. 202LewisLewis County Opportunities, Inc. The utility allowance is calculated based on the actual number of bedrooms in the Section 8 apartment. 140. Who will assist me with my Section 8 questions? Disclaimer: NYCHA is not responsible for any data transmission errors that may occur as a result of the Internet browser or personal equipment used to access the portal. Highlight the desired slot and click the 'OK' button. This letter will contain details about registering on the Self-Service portal and provide you with steps to submit your Annual Recertification online. + 30. + Find a section 8 rental, landlords, tenants, housing authorities, Find a section 8 tenant at Gosection8.com. 145. You will find the voucher expiration date in box #3. Email: [email protected]. + Malone, NY 12953-1919 My application was certified to the Borough Rental Team. An owner has the right to begin a non-payment or holdover action against a Section 8 tenant in landlord/tenant court (as he may with a non-subsidized tenant) under the terms of the lease agreement signed between the tenant and landlord. 94. + If you are an existing Section 8 Tenant or Section 8/Public Housing Applicant, you can access NYCHA’s Self Service Portal by clicking the below button. How will I know my Annual Recertification is due? Does NYCHA have a listing of available Section 8 apartments? I received a letter requesting information. What should I do if I have a reduction in my total household income? You can also mail the requested documents along with the AI letter to P.O. Additionally, if the requested documents are not received, the member will not be added. Lawrence County Community Development Program The Housing Authority has a Priority System in which it ranks each applicant. Included in the eligibility process is also a criminal background check (CBC) which is conducted for every adult family member. However, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the name before you go there. Subsidy Services Bureau WHAT HAPPENS IF I RECEIVED A VIOLATION NOTICE WHICH I BELIEVE WAS CAUSED BY THE TENANT? This policy also applies to private 1-5 family units. 23. 211RocklandDepartment of Social Services Will NYCHA pay for my security deposit? The following is a summary of the types of vouchers managed and the monthly costs of each as of December 31st, 2019: Standard Homeownership Family Unification … 11 Federal Street You may request a transfer after your initial lease term with your landlord expires. 82. Section 8 vouchers are accepted at 21 City/State developments throughout the five boroughs. + Does Section 8 allow participants to own rental property? Box 153 Click on the section, Section 8 Assistance, listed in the left column of NYCHA’s internet home page and then click on the sub heading, Information for Landlords. Intimidated Witness referrals from the District Attorney's Office; 3. Yes. Can you explain what information/documents I have to submit? Alternatively, you can submit your documents in person at one of NYCHA’s Walk-in Centers (WICs) located in the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens. How can I dispute this claim of unreported assets? 40. This is supposed to raise money in a “public-private” partnership. How many bedrooms will be assigned on my voucher? The required eviction forms (which can be obtained by calling our Eviction Unit at 212-306-8500) must be submitted to the Housing Authority for approval (along with proof of mailing to the tenant of this form) if the reasons for the eviction are either: If the Authority objects to the proceeding, then the landlord may continue in L&T court but must also name the Housing Authority as co-defendant. You are only required to show your voucher to the landlord as proof that you are authorized to search for a Section 8 apartment. That includes an ongoing effort to test for lead paint in 135,000 NYCHA apartments, and a court-supervised clean-up of toxic mold. + If the reason for the eviction is anything other than those mentioned above, then the landlord is required to deliver to our Eviction Review Unit at 90 Church Street a copy of the Notice to Vacate and, subsequently, a copy of the Petition and Petition. Yonkers, NY 10701-3724 Centereach, NY 11720 **Project-Based Vouchers ONLY (Embury Apartments)Seneca 118. If there are no violations, you will not be able to see the details. DOES SECTION 8 REIMBURSE LANDLORDS FOR REPAIRS? NYCHA will continue to own the land and buildings, administer the Section 8 subsidy and waitlist, and monitor conditions at the development. What are Voucher Payment Standards (VPS)? If you submitted a Section 8 housing application before December 10, 2009, you can check your application status in NYCHA's Self-Service Portal. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your nycha annual recertification form instantly with SignNow. If the landlord wants the tenant to move from the apartment, then the landlord must commence a holdover action in Landlord/Tenant court if the tenant does not move voluntarily. Hamden, NY 13782-1112 Income admission limits depend on program and family size. (315) 946-6992WestchesterCVR New York + Si usted actualmente es inquilino de Sección 8 o solicitante de Sección 8/vivienda pública, Only your landlord can you grant permission to have a pet in your apartment. All housing assistants are currently conducting interviews with other applicants. + Plattsburgh, NY 12901 What do I do if I need assistance completing my Annual Recertification? The first check for a new tenant may take 4 to 6 weeks to process depending upon the date the unit passes inspection and the date NYCHA receives all necessary paperwork from the tenant. Learn about NYCHA Section 8. Yes. 1. NYCHA will send you a letter informing you that you are due for an Annual Recertification. How is my portion of the rent to the Owner calculated during the Annual Recertification process? The purpose of Section 8 is to enable eligible families or … Please call NYCHA's Centralized Call Center, or visit one of NYCHA's Walk-In Centers for assistance. Window guards are required in all apartments including the first floor and hallways if there is a child 10 years or under residing in the apartment. The unit is inspected and the family’s eligibility re-determined 30-120 days in advance of the annual re-certification date each year. This process is called \“Portability\”. 2100 Middle County Road, Suite 300 Applications are assigned a priority code based upon the information provided on the application. The requirements of carbon monoxide detectors became the law effective November 1, 2004. Corning, NY 14830 + How long is my Section 8 voucher active? (315) 568-2200St. Click on the ‘Latest Inspection Number Record' link to navigate to the 'Inspection Detail and My Document' page. 105. + Central Office Housing Choice Voucher Program (585) 243-7300Madison 24 Margaret Street, Suite 7 You may request a voucher extension prior to expiration. NYCHA normally mails all regular housing assistance payments checks on the last working day of each month (e.g. (716) 213-2784, Extension 3 The owner is responsible for collecting the tenant’s share. What should I do if my tenant transferred but his/her belongings are still in the apartment? No. + Like other facilities, the Norman Housing Authority in Oklahoma is also managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). (914) 995-2415WyomingWyoming County Community Action, Inc. You must contact the NYCHA Call Center to schedule an appointment to submit your completed rental briefing packet. Owners are required to correct most serious violations within 30 days after the inspection has been conducted.