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Soaring Through Negative Elevation by Beth Copeland


In this passage, we find a young man with all odds against him; his defeat started at birth when his mother gave him a name that expressed her sorrow during childbirth. 

 From a natural perspective, Jabez appeared to be in somewhat of a crisis situation; his future seemingly bleak—His name would follow him through life as a constant reminder of the pain that he had caused.  One might  pose the question, how do you grow from here?  Or, how do you elevate when you are starting from rock bottom? 

 The marketplace, business ownership, or life in general, will present an opportunity to experience unfavorable occasions and require  that you soar through “negative elevation”.

 As we track the response of Jabez, we learn that he soared through  his negative situation.  His great deterrent did not hold him hostage or in bondage. Rather, he  focused upward, choosing a positive outlook, and exercising his challenge as a  springboard for success.

The scripture notes that Jabez was more honorable than all of his brethren (1Chronicles 4:9a). This is evidence that Jabez was a man of honesty and integrity.  Here we learn our prerequisites for elevation.  

 The response of Jabez (4:10a) provides:

 7 P’s to Progress in Your Business:

 “And Jabez called on the God of Israel—   (1. PRAY—Jeremiah 33:3) —Saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me—(2. PURPOSE—Numbers 24:1)  —Indeed (3. PROSPER—Ephesians 3:20) And enlarge my coast,—(4. PATHWAY—greater influence—Proverbs 3:5-6) And that thine hand might be with me,—(5. PROVISION—) And that thou wouldest keep me from evil,—(6. PROTECTION—Isaiah 59:19) that it may not grieve me! (7. PAINLESS)

The Outcome:

And God granted him that which he requested. (4:10b)

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